Monday, September 14, 2009

Garden Tour Part 1

Grace's garden tour left such an impression on me (See Grace's blog in my Favorite Places/Links section) and sets such a high standard to achieve, but here goes my "Budget Garden". I clearly lack a lot of hardscaping, i.e. stones, pathways, borders, but it will come with time.

Starting at the right hand side of the backyard, going counter clockwise:

Looking out the dining room window, whats left of my herb garden, rosemary being strangled by bindweed, with the Persian Lime tree behind and Lemon grass on the right. To the right a pink rose - yes we can grow roses in Florida ! Here we treat them like shrubs, they never loose their leaves and flower on and off

Behind the lime tree, just of out view is a grumichama, further along the longan tree is having a growth flush, to the right I have a pink starburst penta, red hibuscus, variegated shell ginger, pineapples, some Catura Coffee shrubs

To the left of the Longan tree, there's a mixed shrub border, with sanchezia, thrysalis, allamanda bush, poinsettia, tibouchina, cordyline, dwarf banana, draceana, nerium oleander, elephants ear, large white crinum lilly, two types of ferns, strelitzia

To the right of the mixed shrub border is my Lancetilla Mango tree, its a "condo" mango and can be maintained at 10 feet tall and wide. To the right is a bunch of indigenous fakahatchee grass, feijoa, variegated shell ginger, duranta cuban gold and white penta. Behind the mango tree is the first of a row of Wonderful Pomegranates along the white aluminum fence.

Mixed shrub border from the other side

More pomegranates along the white aluminum fence, the small tree in the front left, is a seed grown sapodilla

Along the back fence, here's my grape trellis with two different types of muscadine grapes growing from each side, with seminole pumpkin for ground cover, to the right is a "strawberry guava" shrub. In the background is a Australian brush cherry, surnam cherry and volunteer papaya tree that is now about 15 feet tall. Also growing here is a date palm tree (from seed), carissa (natal plum), strawberry guava.

To the left of the papaya, I have a small marlierea in the forground, at the right another surname cherry, the large tree to the left is a starfruit, to the left of the starfruit is a french peanut (pachira glabra), the large palm tree to the right is a travellers palm (from Madagascar)

Looking back at the french peanut, starfruit, childrens play area, to the right of the french peanut is a variegated guava. To the left the center island is showing with cuban duranta gold, lemongrass

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  1. Karel, thanks for the tour. You may be short on hardscape but you have done a great job with plant placement and selection. I'm impressed! Besides rock borders aren't all they're cracked up to be when you have kids. Been there...done that.
    Just wanted to say hi from the Keys, Scott