Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pomegranate update

First I tried foot sox to protect the pomegranates from the leaf footed bugs. They simply ignore them and still suck the juices making them rot.

Then I tried paper bags made from thick magazine glossy paper. I found this almost ripe pomegranate invaded and ruined by monkey beetles, which made a hole in the paper to find the pomegranate and then tunneled right through the foot sox also.

Seems foot sox and paper bags are not going to do it in Florida. Next up ? Maybe I'll try window screen, the nylon type, just need to figure out how to make a bag from it, so that pomegranate is in the middle and insects can't reach it through the mesh, the other option I was thinking is to use row cover material and make bags out of that.  Oh the length us fruit nuts will go through.


  1. My mom sews little fabric bags (cotton fabric) and attaches ties at the opening of the bag (make them big enough to hold amature fruit) and ties them on over the fruits of her tomato plants and others...it keeps the bugs and birds off. Hope it works for you if you try it!

  2. That sounds like it might work, but I don't have anyone who can sew them for me.

  3. Ask a bar if they have any Crown Royal pouches? I asked once for an art project and got way more than I needed from someone who owned a small bar.

    IN our house it is cigar boxes - can't seem to throw them away and when someone says they want or need one, I ask how many :)