Sunday, March 8, 2009

Front Garden version 1.0

After many hours of back breaking work, I finally have the front garden at a stage where its almost presentable.

Now all I have to do is install some drip irrigation. I will extend one of the existing sprinkler head lines and install 2 or three drip irrigation heads and space the little tubes evenly amongst all the plants. I plan to cover everything with pine-straw mulch. One bale covers up to 50 sq ft at 2 inches or 30 sq feet at 3 inches. A bale sells at $6.50 at a local landscaping supply outlet. To cover the same area, would require up to ten bags of wood mulch at a cost of almost $3 per bag for eucalyptus mulch.

The plant at the front left, is Aloe Barberae that is almost 2 years old. I bought this plant on e-bay right after we moved in.

At the front I planted variegated liriope to form a border. Behind that is a row of duranta cuban gold, which will form a low golden yellow hedge. The next row consists of light pink pentas. Behind that is a row of Ruellia brittonia purple showers. On each side of the rulellias, I planted an african bush daisy (Euryops). The last row consists of sanchezias. Behind the sanchezia's are two bare rooted double flowered pink scrub roses bought at Costco at $4.50. I plan to fill in the spaces around the roses with variegated flax lilies. All plants except the Penta's and variegated liriope are self-grown from cuttings. I placed a flowering bouganvilla in the front for visual appeal while I wait for this border to grow and fill in. Behind the bouganvilla is a Cordyline Terminalis in a large container.

On both sides just behind the front palm tree , I will plant two ligustrum shrubs that I've been growing from cuttings for more than a year. They can grow quite large, but I intend to keep them small and grow them into topiaries.

As for the rest of the front garden, its undecided, I have considered filling in the remaining area behind the ligustrum shrubs with Greek river rock, its got a beautiful tan colour, almost matching the home's colour. The only problem is its quite expensive. I will check the landscaping supply outlet to see if they offer it at a more affordable price than the home improvement stores.

Nice to haves: large boulders for visual appeal, maybe a fountain at the center of the three palm trees, a natural rock border starting at the left in front of the aloe going all the way to the back meeting the house....


  1. Very nice. I see that you're one of those disciplined gardeners who generously allows his plants plenty of growing room. :)

    Love the variegated liriope edging.

  2. Thanks Grace. I can't wait them to grow so I can see the final result.