Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Yummy swiss chard

This is the first winter I planted Swiss chard. I've never tasted this vegetable before and my wife was a little sceptical about it too. That is until one of my snowbird neighbours (who's from NY and Italian) told me how delicious it is sauteed in olive oil with garlic.

The first try wasn't too successful, we chopped it with stalks and all and found the taste too bitter for our liking.

The next time, we tore the leaves off, leaving the stalks for the compost bin. The result was delicious, much like but unlike spinach.

Will I grow it again next year, definitely !

Unfortunately it looks like its coming to an end with our sudden hot spell of above average temperatures, even the golden beets look like they're giving up.

The beans have all but withered and succumbed to powdery mildew.

I'd better find some veggies that can stand our heat soon, otherwise all the vegetable beds will be bare for the next 8 months.


  1. The chard is every bit as beautiful as a flower.

  2. Yes, my wife suggested I cut some leaves for her to put in a vase :) Its too yummy to waiste it. Plus it'l be gone soon.

  3. Oh no the veggie bed shouldn't be bare. I'm sure there'll be the types that can handle those heat.

  4. We eat this all the time stalks and all. Here is how we do it. Heat your iron skillet add a little olive oil, then some chopped garlic and chopped ginger at least a teaspoon of each or more if you like. Saute the chopped swiss chard for several minutes until it is all wilted, then add a splash with Soy sauce and cook for another minute or so.