Friday, August 7, 2009

How I grow pineapples

If you happen to live in a sub-tropical climate (or are willing to bring your pineapples inside when temperatures will fall below 30F) then growing them is a simple process.

I planted my very first pineapple by cutting off the top and removing the last bit of pineapple flesh and the lowest couple of small scale like leaves and simply placed it in the soil next to a palm tree, totally neglected/forgot about it and about 18 months later I harvested my first pineapple.

Every time I buy a pineapple, I cut off the top then place it in potting or top soil and place it in a shady spot and make sure it stays moist. Make sure debris/soil does not gather in the crown otherwise it may rot and all your trouble could be in vain. Its ready to planted in its final spot when you see roots growing out the bottom of the container. They benefit from an occasional application of fertilizer scattered around the stem and watered in - make sure you remove or wash off any fertilizer on the leaves. I found them to be quite drought tolerant, but do water them and they will grow faster and produce larger fruit.

Once your pineapple starts changing colour you might consider picking it unless you have no problem with squirrels, raccoons or other hungry animals. It is very depressing to find your ripe pineapple devoured by raccoons. Once you harvest the pineapple, the mother plant may produce a second smaller pineapple 18 months later. The mother plant frequently produces a couple of offshoots and small bulbil like pineapplets frequently develop on the fruit stem below the pineapple. Both offshoots and bulbils are great propagation material. Simply pry them off, let them dry out a day and then plant in potting soil, wait till roots grow out the bottom and plant them.

My first pineapple

Some roots are visible in the cut off top already

These all came from the mother plant. The two bigger ones are offsets, the two smaller ones are bulbils from the fruit stem. Once I eat the pineapple, I will plant the top also - so I get 5 new plants from the one plant.


  1. Hi.. my friends mom is desperately searching for Turmeric Root to plant and grow but cant find it anywhere. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and was told the turmeric can be of great help.. She is living in Coral Springs. If u can help or have any idea where we can get it .. We would greatly appreciate It.. please email me at Hope to hear something from you.. Thanks in advance.. Blessings

  2. My sincere condolences. We have a small farmers market/green grocer close by in Lake Worth. They're on Military Trail between Gateway Blvd and Hypoluxo Rd. I have bought fresh turmeric root from them, let it sprout in a container and just last week planted it out into my garden.