Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pomegranates in South Florida are probably not worth the effort

My seed grown, 3 year old pomegranates are growing well and are truly beautiful, highly ornamental and absolutely low maintenance and drought tolerant .....

However, the fruit are all either splitting open and rotting, or are being damaged by leaf footed bugs, raccoons, birds, beetles and who knows what else.

I have a tough decision to make, keep them for their ornamental value, or remove them and replace them with fruit trees/shrubs that will tolerant the humidity here and are more bug resistant and produce great fruit.

I am running out of space to grow all the interesting and exotic fruits I'd like, so if the poms are not going to work here, maybe they should go to make space ?

What do you think ?

Highly ornamental

Leaf footed bug sucking on shrivelled pomegranate

More leaf footed bugs, note how pomegranate on the right is rotting from the bottom

Leaf footed bug damage - see the juice oozing out of the hole left by their sucking mouth parts

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