Tuesday, April 20, 2010

3 - the magic number

My catura coffee plants are blooming for the first time. From seed to blooming, this is the 3rd spring. These are no ordinary coffee plants, they are some of the only ones that will take full sun.

This seems to confirm my suspicion/experience. Other seeds that have taken 3 years for me are:

surinam cherries

There are off course many other fruiting plants that might bear sooner or some that will take much longer to bear, for example jaboticaba, mango.

I've read about people whose mango's bear in their 3rd year, but that must be the exception, they most probably take at least 5 years and

Jaboticaba's grown from seed can take 12 years to fruit !

So, the sooner you start the better.

Of the many seeds I planted only these two grew to maturity.

They were quite hard to germinate and took a very long time before the first cotyledons emerged, then they were attached to the seed capsule and many of the seeds rotted before they could get rid of the tough seed capsule.

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