Thursday, April 22, 2010

more magic 3's

I realized that most of the fruit trees in my yard, also took 3 years to bear after planting.

They include:

Persian lime
Valencia Pride Mango


Starfruit, planted in summer, had its first fruits the next fall.
Guava, planted in fall, had fruits next fall.
Strawberry guava, planted last summer, they are now blooming and I expect fruit soon.
Grumichama, took 1 year to fruit.
Avocado, planted January last year, its blooming now, tree is still small so will see if I get any fruit.

I also realized that a lot depends on the state of the tree when bought. That's why its so important to buy from a respectable nursery and not to buy root-bound trees.

So, there you have it, if its not fruiting, wait at least three years for grafted trees. If you are growing it from seed, good luck, you might be growing it for your kids, or theirs.

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