Saturday, May 15, 2010

Put a sock on it

Last year, I lost almost all my limes and meyer lemons to birds.

I had caught black birds pecking at my citrus fruits. A search for florida's birds revealed they are "American Crows" or "Boat tailed Grackle"

I had been thinking long and hard how to protect my fruit from these birds. At the same time I have also pondered how I can save my pomegranates from the leaf-footed bugs.

I read on some blog that someone was using footies, those try on socks you get at the shoe stores. So I searched and found some for sale on eBay, bought some last week and started to put them on the poms and citrus fruit.

So far so good. I spotted a leaf footed bug on one of the poms and today I found a leaf footed bug nymph on another. So the verdict is still out if its going to work on the poms.

It seems to be working on the meyer lemon, so far I have not seen any new bird damage after applying them.

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