Friday, May 14, 2010

May - the hardest month

Its incredible how the weather can change here in South Florida. From being super wet and cold to super hot and super dry.

We had a record breaking cold and wet "winter". It was really great on the budget - I never had to water my garden from December through late April, which is quite unusual as this is our dry season.

I sort of knew this lucky streak wouldn't last. May is historically one of the driest months here. Unfortunately it packs a double whammy, its not only dry, its super hot and humid also.

Almost without exception, the only plants that can take this are the natives. The coco plum, fakahatchee grass, firebush and sea grape look as well as ever. However, just about every other plant is being burnt to ashes.

With my landscaping endeavor, I didn't keep up modifying my irrigation system, so I have many spots where the sprinklers just don't reach anymore, so I have had to resort to dragging the hose everywhere. Its kind of like trying to water a football field with a hose.

Everyday I discover another patch of almost dead grass or some plants that look unsaveable, then I drag the hose with sprinkler there, turn on the timer then go to turn it off or move it to another spot.

I really need to re-configure my sprinkler system so that the "dead" areas are watered and also add some drip irrigation to the mixed shrub beds.

Hopefully the dry spell will be over soon and we'll get our daily deluge to cool things off and bring some welcome relief.

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