Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mango trees in bloom everywhere

This has been a strange year.

First, the rain stopped begginning October, but the heat persisted well into almost early December, then the bottom dropped out and we had the earliest freeze on record here in Palm Beach county, on December 8th.

We also have a record-breaking drought situation. I first noticed mango trees blooming around mid December and thought, wow this must be some new variety that blooms in December, but then shortly afterwards, I noticed my own mango trees pushing out new growth and then not only new growth but flowering racemes.

Now, I have four mango trees in full bloom. Three of them are "dwarf" or "condo" mangos. The forth is a Valencia Pride. Here are some pics of the dwarf varieties.

Lancetilla mango

Fairchild mango, only 4.5 feet tall

Baby mallika mango, only 4 feet tall already blooming!
They normally only start blooming around March / April, some even later.


  1. Wow, that is strange! Is that bad for the trees? Will you get healthy mangos?

  2. Boy, one day you are gonna have butt loads of mangoes raining down on you!!!!!!! :)

  3. I hope so, otherwise we might have a fruitless season ! The valencia pride had only one fruit last year !

  4. I say bring on the mango's, can never have enough of them :) Whatever we can't use I give away.

  5. I am getting flowering on Okrung up here in DeLand, it is the only variety. Yes indeed, a strange year, but then, we have been saying that a lot lately...

  6. Indeed, nothing seems normal anymore ? In another few years, the beach might be on my doorstep :)

  7. This is off-topic, but does anyone know when the date is for the spring rare fruit tree sale that is held at the WPB fairgrounds? I always seem to miss it. Thanks.

  8. Hi size123, hope this is waht you were looking for:

    Palm Beach RFCI

    Palm Beach currently hosts two sales per year. The sales are very popular and take place in West Palm Beach. Hours are 9 am to 2 pm. Palm Beach sales feature a wide variety of great fruit plants. These are the best sales for the south end of the State, don't miss out on them.
    Their next sale is July 17th at the South Florida Fair Grounds at the Agraplex. Enter Gate 8. Call for more information.

    Call Lori for information.

    Lori Vinikoor, President
    Palm Beach Rare Fruit Council
    P. O. Box 16464
    Palm Beach, Florida
    U. S. A. 33416
    (561) 495-4694

    As with all their sales expect many rare plants for your gardens.

  9. Thank you. For some reason, I thought that they had a spring sale too. Guess I will just have to be patient...

  10. Hi there budget gardner, we live in the same neck of the woods so I thought I would drop in on you here and say hello - I have a love of gardening so I will enjoy reading your posts.