Saturday, February 5, 2011

Slowly but surely recovering from the freezes

The first freeze in early December was bad enough, but the 2nd freeze sealed the fate of my bananas, pineapples, papayas.

The bananas were almost completely wiped out, I see a few are sprouting again. The sapodilla tree termianted the forming fruits, the papaya directly in the path of the cold wind lost all its leaves. Even our native cocoplum and seagrapes were severely burnt and I will have to do a deep prune to remove the dead wood. Even a grumichama directly in the path was also burnt - and they are quite cold-hardy. The carissa has lots of dead growing tips, but is sprouting new growth.

Burnt cocoplum and seagrape
For a while I thought that I would not see one coffee bean from my catura coffee plants, but this week some of the burnt brown berries seem to be changing color to pink, some almost red, so I might still be able to harvest enough to make a small batch of my own coffee - how cool is that !

Its amazing how the weather can fluctuate here, this week we're having 80+ F temperatures again, with humidity and all.

Some of the cold loving veggies are not loving the warmer weather.

Frozen bananas

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