Monday, June 29, 2009

Seminole pumpkins - Our new favourite squash/pumpkin

The Seminole pumpkin seeds I planted earlier, has taken off like rockets. This weekend, I harvested two large ones, they look like green butternuts, a little fatter, but the flesh is paler almost cream coloured.

I decided to treat my wife to a soup - I normally use butternut but decided to give this a try.

I hit a home-run, I can say that this is my wife's new favourite soup. The soup came out thicker than my butternut soup, but much more flavourful.

The vines seem undeterred by the daily rain and high humidity. The only problem I can see so far are the moth caterpillars devouring the leaves, but the vines grow fast enough to replenish, so I haven't resorted to spraying yet.

This will become part of our staple diet.


  1. Hi BG~~ So you're treating a winter squash as though it's a summer squash, am I right? Oh wait. You live in Florida. No winter. No winter squash. How nice that you made soup for wife. I need to show your blog to my hubby. :)

  2. You are right, I am treating winter squash like summer squash, but the seminole pumpkin is indigenous to the everglades and I believe they grew it year round. I also took a chance and planted golden hubbard squash. I gave away one to a friend this weekend and I have 4 more, one is mature and quite big. It will probably be enough for a couple of meals, maybe I'll try my soup with it.