Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My latest pet project

I've been searching for a sub-tropical nut tree that doesn't grow too big, so far, I haven't found any, the tropical almond grows into a very large tree. I've read that Walnuts do well and there are reportedly very large well bearing trees even as far South as Miami, but they grow into huge monsters.

After reading and researching, I found that the money tree we all know, they are typically sold braided as pictured, also known as Pachira Aquatica, but almost always named wrongly as they are almost always Pachira Glabra instead - Pachira Glabra or the french peanut is a small tropical tree that bears big fruits with seeds inside that when roasted taste like peanuts. Pachira glabra has a caudiciform trunk even in young trees and the small veins on the leaves run almost perpendicular to the main vein.

I've been searching for seeds to buy, but all the suppliers are either outside the US, or out of stock.

I know its tropical, but I found it at Home Depot under $10, so if it dies next winter it isn't too big a loss, if it makes it, it will be a very interesting / attractive addition to my collection of rare fruits.

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