Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Growing Myrciara vexator gives new meaning to the word patience

I've been patient with seeds before, but growing blue grape (Myrciara vexator) has pushed my patience to the limit.

I got 2 seeds early January, it has taken till now for one of the seeds to germinate. I placed it under my egg plant bushes and almost forgot about it. When I looked this week I saw a small leaf coming out ! The other seed germinated about 2 months ago and is now about 4 inches tall (2nd picture).


  1. Well, at least they finally DID germinate. I've been waiting two years for Tropaeolum speciosum or hardy nasturtium seed to germinate. I think I can safely assume that it won't. But something keeps me holding out hope.

  2. I think you can safely assume they're not going to germinate :)

    Last year I grew a miracle fruit from seed, it took 6 months to germinate. I placed it outside and forgot to bring it in the first night we had frost and it dies. 6 months waisted !