Thursday, July 2, 2009

Chinch bugs

As if the brutal dry season wasn't enough - large patches of my lawn simply died and I was unable to revive it, now the remaining good areas are being killed off by southern chinch bugs !

In the picture you can see the lighter almost yellow colour of the infected area with the dead patches in between.

I despise chemical insecticides - and yes I do occasionally spot treat some of my treasured plants. I've used bifinthrin in the past, but to avoid the Sri Lanka weevils building up resistance to it, I recently switched to sevin. Some of the feijoa's have been attacked so relentlessly by the weevils that I had to start spraying them for fear of the plants dying. My treasured sugar apple has been overcome by three different kinds of scale and I sprayed it with a neem oil/pyrethrin mixture.

I do not want to spray these chemicals on my lawn where my children run barefoot, but I'm at wits end and fear I'll have to spend considerable time and money to restore the remaining lawn to an acceptable state.

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