Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Finally - a vegetable that will grow in this heat and humdity

I planted some red cow peas a month or so ago and didn't expect much. Boy did they take off !

We tried to saute some - like we do with green beans. Most of them, even the smaller sized ones were very tough to the point where chewing and swallowing became almost impossible.

This weekend I harvested a heap of peas and while watching TV shelled them. Now I have to figure our what to do with them- I have about 1.5 cups of shelled peas so far.


  1. Compost?

    I've not heard of this particular pea. The plant looks good. Too bad they aren't edible.

  2. These are not real peas, rather its in the same family as black eyed peas.

    Last night I tried to pressure cook the "peas", forgot about it and burnt it all !

    Now I'll have to wait until I can harvest enough and try again !