Thursday, June 24, 2010

Musical chairs

After 3 1/2 years of hard labor, my yard is now starting to mature and I find myself running out of space to plant all the exotic fruits that I still want to grow.

I removed the seed-grown sapodilla tree as noted before due to fear of it overrunning my neighbor's yard and replaced it with a mallika mango. I've been growing an orange fleshed guava from seed since last spring and I was looking for a spot to plant it.

I decided to remove the giant crinum lily and move it to one of the mixed shrub borders and replace it with the guava.

I am grooming this specific guava to be a single trunked tree, so that the exotic peeling bark can be visible and also to keep it size in check.

This means I now have three different guava varieties growing almost in a row, forming a natural wall to enclose the kids playset, forming another garden room.

As you can see in this picture, I moved the lilly to the back of the guava.


  1. Three types of guave??? Impressive!!! I am seriously wanting to plant one...which would you recommend if you could only have one? Well, I might add more later...I sure do love guava! I just bought myself a jar of guava jelly by is delicious!!!

  2. Actually, I have a 4th guava growing elsewhere, it has red stems and a red rib on the underside of the leaves. Plus I am growing a 5th variety (Malaysian red) from seed, they are now about 2 inches tall.

    Due to the caribbean fruit fly in our area, I'd stick to a guava that bears fruit that is not highly coloured.

    My variegated guava bears almost green fruit that look similar to the leaves, so far I've not had one worm.

  3. Will the Malaysian reds have red fruit? seems they would. I am going out on the web right now to investigate! Thanks for info Karel!

  4. Yes, I have not been able to read much about it, but I remember reading on cloudforest someone said its like eating a mouthfull of sweet strawberries.

  5. You should check your local Home Depot/Lowes stores, you might find guava's there. I bought my farichild and Mallika mango's at HD. I bought many of my other fruits trees at Lowes.
    If not, then I buy my seeds on - it takes about 3-4 years for most myrtaceous fruits to bear from seed, some up to 12 years.