Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Nursing the variegated guava air layers

On Saturday, I severed all the air layers that I did in February. Most of them didn't grow as many roots as I had hoped for - the plastic that I used to cover the spagnum  peat moss, was too thin and it was invadid by argentine ants and other insects, making the peat moss dry out.

The largest of them all had a very nice rootball growing. I planted a total of 5 air layers, after removing 90% of the leaves and cutting some of the shoots back.

They are now under the deep shade of the litchi tree along with the sapodilla tree I also removed this weekend.

Since June is our rainyest month and also extremely humid, now is a good time to nurse them.

If they grow, I'll have plants to give away as gifts or sell during our community yard sale, if not, then nothing is wasted and I had great fun doing this experiment.


  1. I have no clue about air does sound like a fun experiment though!

  2. It is great fun :)

    The hardest part is waiting to see if you were successfull.

    I have already "mastered" the art of rooted cutting, I'd say about 70% of the plants in my garden are self-grown from cuttings.