Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What goes around comes around

Our neighbours closed on the sale of their house yesterday.

I had created two container plantings for her previously and also remade the walkway to her front door.

Since they're moving to Colorado and as she said: "I don't have you to plant these for me, I might as well give them to you".The plants I choose for the first container were tough as nails, they survived 98F summers and sub-freezing winters without watering or any care. I found out the reason while trying to move it - the roots has grown into the soil beneath, so in order not to leave a large bald spot in the lawn, we decided to leave that one.

She gave me the other container I planted with dwarf selloum, another large empty container and another large container containing a small bald cypress seedling.

I plan on planting the cypress seedling next to a city pond close by, where there are already a couple of young bald cypress trees growing.

I plan on using the two containers to experinment with "condo" fruits.

I have a seedling keitt mango  that I'd like to plant in one - this one was unusual as it was the only poly-embryonic seed I found out of probably 30 seeds. This means that it should be an exact clone of the parent tree. The keitt mango is considered a condo mango by some, my snowbird neighbour's tree at the back, is probably as tall as the middle of the roof and has an upright habit, i.e. its not even closely as wide as tall and very manageable and it bears arguably the best tasting mangos I have ever tasted. They are huge, weighing 2-3 lbs each! When they are here, we frequently exchange pleasantries over the fence, they are avid vegetable gardeners and plant all kinds of vegetables while they are here for our "winter". He has given me sole ownership of the mango's his tree bears while they are away, in return I gave him my best "orange-fleshed" guava seedling. Before he left this year, he asked me to plant a papaya tree for him, which I gladly did last weekend. At the same time I picked the first mango's. They are just starting to blush and will take about 10 days to ripen. Better I pick them, otherwise his garden service guys, neighbours etc. will happily take care of it.

In the other container I'll possibly plant a red malaysian guava. They'll both go on the uncovered patio at the back of the house.

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  1. How great to have such wonderful relationships with your neighbors! I bet they love you!!! I am seriously wanting a guava after listening to you talk about them!!! My mouth is watering right now!!!