Friday, May 29, 2009

Horseradish tree

This seed grown horse radish tree is only 8 months old and already already more than 5 feet tall. Its growing so fast now that I can see a difference daily. It must be loving the intense heat, humidity and torrential rain we've been having the last 8 days - we've had more than 13 inches of rain in the last 8 days. Just as well, since this dry season has been the worst since 1930 !

The verdict is still out about the edibility of the tree - I have tasted the leaves and they taste a little like arugula, with a hint of a spicy after taste but not distasteful or distracting. Once its grown large enough to harvest some fronds, we'll use it in salads and try the pods/seeds in a curry. This tree is supposedly "the" miracle tree that could wipe out hunger world-wide.


  1. It looks like a cross between Sweet Cicely and Bracken Fern. Glad for your rain!!

  2. Yes, it does quite resemble the Bracken Fern. A co-worker gave me a recipe to prepare the pods (or drumsticks as they are called in India). Can't wait to try it out.