Sunday, June 24, 2012

Catura coffee, great for South Florida

People ask me, why do you grow coffee plants, are you going to make your own coffee?

Well, I grow them because I can. When you see the pictures below, I am sure you will agree that its one exceptionally beautiful plant.

If you like gardenias, you will love this plant. The leaves are glossy almost looks unreal. It bears hundreds of small white Jasmine like flowers, that also smell like Jasmine.

Unlike other coffees, this one grows well in full sun. Even the South Florida sun. During the dry months I have to water it now and then when the leaves start drooping. I have only given it a very small amount of rare fruit fertilizer.

This year, we had no frost, regardless they started blooming well after any possibility of frost. I bought the seeds on, they have very thick seed coats and off all the seeds only 2 managed to break through the seed coat and grow.

Both are covered in berries, when ripe they'll turn red, they are edible and have a slightly sweet taste. They are apparently very high in anti oxidants.

If you are looking for an exceptionally ornamental but also functional plant, give Catura coffee a try.

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