Sunday, June 24, 2012

The little mango that could

The first year after planting, the Fairchild flowered but didn't set any fruit.

This year, the 2nd,the little 5 foot tree set 12 mango's!

The tree is so short, the fruit is hanging so low and is resting in the grass, where some critters were eating into it, so I picked one of the fruit, let it ripen.

The color outside is dull and Green, but inside its a beautiful dark orange- yellow.

The fruit has some hints of the lancetilla's aromatic spiciness. Unlike the overpowering spiciness of the lancetilla, I find the Fairchild excellent to eat.

So come on, if you can spare a small space in your backyard, you can grow a Fairchild and still be rewarded with lots of fruit.

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