Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fruit festival was great

The fruit festival at Mounts was a blast. It was completely overcast, so we were spared from the furnace, the temperatures made it into the upper 80's, even so, the humidity was off the charts.

There was great food for everyone, even craft beer from a local brewery,  Due South, I brew my own so I appreciate craft beer.

The gardens are in the best shape I have seen it. I could spend hours wondering through the rain forest, the little island with waterfalls....

We were late, by then there were just 3 different fruits to taste, but at least I can say I've tasted mamey sapote, white and Magenta dragon fruit. Of the three, Magenta dragon fruit tastes the best. Mamey sapote tastes like a baked sweet potato, not much to my liking.

There were various vendors selling fruit trees for insanely reasonable prices. I snatched this strawberry tree, Muntingia calabura for $15

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