Sunday, June 24, 2012

Roses in South Florida, yes you can!

I read that roses just don't do well here, still I bought this knock down rootstock from Costco, planted one in a container, stuck the other into the ground in the garden.

The container grown plant succumbed from mites and died, but the one in the garden, just kept growing and blooming almost year round.

Its right by the back window, so every morning when we open the blinds, we're met with one or more beautiful Pink Roses.

I pruned it like you are supposed to in the north, but soon realized it works different here, so now I leave it, when there is dead or crossing canes, I prune it.

It rewards me with stunning blooms year round.

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  1. Living in the north I always think of all the great things to grow in the south. But here we grow great roses, a plant for every place