Saturday, May 23, 2009

Atulfo Mango seeds germinated

Two of the Atulfo Mango seeds I planted germinated and its clear that they are indeed polyembrionic, which means the seedlings will be true to type or in other word bear similar fruit than the parent plant - this is exciting as this is possibly the best mangos I've ever tasted! Yes, I know it could take anything between 3 and 6 years before they'll bear fruit, but I already have so many other fruit trees and shrubs going, by the time I'm tired of some of them, I can replace them with the Atulfo Mangos.

In the first picture you can see at least three seedlings emerging, with a possible fourth still growing, in the 2ND picture only one of the seedlings germinated, I accidentally damaged the largest one when I cut the husk open, but this one already has true leaves.


  1. It must be really exciting to see your mangoes in that stage of growth already. Mine's still in the seed-with-the-smallest-root-you've-ever-seen stage but I already planted it. How old are the plants in the picture? A couple of weeks in the soil?

  2. That same seedling is now almost two feet tall, I just planted it in its permanent spot last week.

    I know it might take 8 years before it bears, but I've never seen these plants for sale here in South Florida, plus the excitement of it all makes it worth it for me. In the mean time, I have my Lancetilla and Valencia pride mango's that are already bearing and my newly planted Fairchild which will probably bear in two or three years.

  3. Hi there! One of my mango seeds with roots finally showed some leaves! It's a cheap thrill, but I'm really glad. ;-)

  4. I agree, seeing something grow "for free" (or almost free) is a very cheap thrill for me too.

    I read a few posts all over the net - it takes at least 5 years for seed grown mangos to bear, some can take 12+ years ! Hopefully mine is one of the 5 year ones.

    I can hardly resist growing any seeds from fruit I buy. To throw away seeds are almost sacriledge for me.

  5. I actually smuggle seeds from the dinner table so I can secretly plant them. ;-)

    I don't really think about the mango fruits. Right now, I'm happy enough just to see it grow.

  6. I envy you guys that live in a tropical, semi-trop. region that will grow so many fruits, etc.
    Here in central TX, we have too much prolonged heat/hi-temps. I do have a lg. fig tree that produces well and I thank God for this!