Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wonderful world of fungi

I found these beautiful fungi growing on the cedar mulch in one of my flower beds. I just wish I knew whether they were edible :) I'm going to post this on and see if someone can help me id it.

Mushrooms is another project I want to tackle one day when I have time - but like many other things here, there is a limited season to grow them. Its either too hot too cold, too humid or too dry. I guess late May / June is probably the best time. I see mushrooms popping up on every one's lawn, unfortunately its the poisonous chlorophylum molybdites.


  1. I would love to know which mushrooms were edible! Even so, just photographing them makes me happy!

  2. I posted on and got no replies, except someone from Mexico suggested I take a small bite to see if its hallucegenic !

    I also mailed a renowned Florida mushroom expert, seems the consensus is that its some sort of Pholiota, they are not poisonous but not palatable either. I really wish some tasty edible mushrooms would grow on my lawn instead of the Chlorophylum molybdites which is growing just about everywhere and huge numbers.