Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Centre island

This "winter" I was able to propagate enough duranta gold cuttings to complete the border around my center island. Now all I need is rain and patience while they grow and fill in. By the end of this rainy season, I expect them to form a single continuous golden border.

The other plants featuring here are:

From the back, the large purple leaved shrub is a starburst, only 1 year old !

Just in front of the starburst is a small choquette avocado tree.

On the left of the avocado tree is a white penta, on the right is a pink starburst penta. Just to the left and behind the white penta is a beautiful variegated flax lilly a division of this lilly is also planted to the right just behind the pink penta. The pink penta has totally exceeded my expectations. It is very drought tolerant, bug and disease resistant, grows non-stop and blooms non-stop.

In front of the penta's I planted divisions of variegated ginger (Alpinia zerumbet) a big favourite of mine.

In front of the pink penta, I planted a golden shrimp plant. Also in this area there will soon be a big display of purple cone flowers. Here they die off in the dry season and sprout from seeds in the wet season.

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