Friday, May 22, 2009

Starfruit coming on nicely

The starfruit tree is really putting on a show, its covered in those little purple blooms and small fruit are forming everywhere. I just can't wait for them to turn yellow and finally almost orange when they're entirely ripe. We devour them as fast as the tree can produce them, the first ones normally invoke a struggle as to whom is going to eat the first ripe one. We normally end up sharing the fruit !

This is the tree's 2nd year and I am sure its going to produce so many fruit that we probably won't have to fight over it. I've heard people say that if you have more than you can eat, juice them, the juice is supposedly absolutely fantastic. I can believe it, this fruit smells a little like passionfruit when ripe, so I can imagine the juice to be a little like passion fruit juice - yum.


  1. We learn something every day. Starfruit sounds very interesting.

  2. I never planned to plant a starfruit tree, until one of the guides at Excalibur stopped, cut down a ripe starfruit and let us taste. We were convinced and bought a starfruit tree instead of the tree I was planning to buy.