Monday, March 15, 2010

Budget container make-over

This container with variegated Cuban oregano and red ti plant really started looking dilapidated - OK, the truth, my wife has been bugging me about it for a while as its right by our front entryway.

This weekend, I woke up with an idea in my head. Last year I planted some ligustrum and duranta rooted cuttings that were outgrowing their containers in a bare area of the garden. I didn't really want them there permanently and this was a great time to re-use them.

So I removed the oregano, carefully removed the red ti plant (grown from cutting) with as much of its root ball intact. The soil had sagged quite a big, so I topped it up with garden soil, removed the ligstrum and duranta with as much of their root balls intact, then replanted them in the container with the red ti plant.

The small seedlings are gazania's grown from seed. Hopefully they'll fill in the bare spots and provide long term colour. They are water wise and love heat, so hopefully they'll do well here as they're about to get a lot of heat with our approaching summer.

All in all this remake cost about $3.00 - half a bag of garden soil and half a packet of gazania seeds.

Here's the nice thing about growing your own plants, if it doesn't work out or you kill them, just grow some more for free.


  1. Good decision to leave the ti plant, it goes well with the color of the container.

  2. Yes, the color of the ti plant is fabulous. The gazanias are a mix of various bright colors - can't wait to see the effect.