Monday, March 8, 2010

Persistent little buggers

All my attempts to keep the squirrels away from my papayas have failed. They somehow got under the wire I placed around the tree and still ate away all the ripening papayas.

This weekend, while walking around the garden with my 10 year old daughter, I mentioned that I might as well remove the papaya and she said, "daddy, don't be silly, keep this one for the squirrels, then they will leave the other one on the other side of the garden with the big papayas alone".

Now that's one clever observation.

I picked all the intact papayas that are still rock hard that are turning ever so slightly yellow. Lets see if they will ripen, at least the squirrels won't get them.


  1. Yeah, its really disheartening to loose all your hard work to them.

    Currently I am fighting a loosing battle with my starfruit also. I haven't yet figured out whats eating it, but I suspect the squirrels too.

  2. Update: all the green papayas I picked just rotted before ripening so I had to throw all of them out. They'll be trench-composted of course.