Thursday, March 4, 2010

Split personality

I know I've posted about my variegated guava quite a bit. You see, it is one of my ultimate favourite plants and fruits.

It is highly ornamental, first of all it is evergreen, has that truly tropical look, has flaking bark (I love flaking bark), its variegated (quite rare for guavas), the fruits stay green so the birds and insects ignore it, it bears profusely and over a long period and finally guavas are just plain right delicious !

Another thing that amazes me about this guava is that the same plant bears normal non-variegated leaves and variegated leaves, very often one of the large branches has smaller branches with normal leaves and some with variegated leaves!

The "normal" branches, bear green fruit, the variegated branches bear variegated fruit.

I even found this fruit that is half green and half variegated.

I had my first all green guava today and it tastes exactly the same as the variegated ones.

With our unseasonably cold weather, even the raccoons have left all the fruit to me.

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