Saturday, March 6, 2010

Not all veggies are lost

At least the mesculin salad mix is growing well and seem to be really enjoying the cold weather.

We've had large bowls of tropical salad with arugula and at least three other kinds of greens, chopped almonds, chopped dates, avocado, grape tomatoes, cucumber, sharp cheddar cheese, garlic, ginger, carrots, guava (depitted), mango - only the greens are from my garden unfortunately, the fruit from Costco (except guava) and rest from local grocery store.

The arugula is growing so well, I have to cut off the seed heads every day now. I've even given some away to a neighbour.

I tried making pesto with the over abundant arugula and I hate to say it, both me and my wife find it way too overpowering. Its a pity, we really wanted it to be great. Now that I've made my own pesto, I have a great understanding of why its so expensive to buy. It takes a ton of leaves, lots of Parmesan cheese (very expensive), extra virgin olive oil, garlic and a lot of patience.

Our Italian snowbird neighbours even tried to give me some of theirs since it grows like a weed. I have read people use it like spinach, so we'll try that next. Until then its restricted to our salads.

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