Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Winter in Florida - perfect biltong making weather

With our dry and cooler weather, its the perfect time for making our favourite South African snack - biltong. Its derived from Dutch: "bil" for buttock and "tong" meaning strip, i.e. strips of dried meat.

Here's how I make the perfect biltong.


Find very thinly cut strips of meat - our local Publix has 4 mm thin strips of topside
Coarse salt
Freshly ground Coriander
Worcestershire sauce


Take strips of meat, place in large flat dish, enough to cover bottom
Sprinkle course salt thinly, turn strips around, then sprinkle salt on other side
Repeat placing strips / sprinkling, until all strips are covered

Leave to cure for 30 minutes

Rinse with fresh water to remove excess salt, drain properly.

Place a layer of strips on the bottom of same or other dish, then sprinkle with Worcestershire sauce, turn around and sprinkle other side
Repeat until all strips are marinated
Let is marinate for 30 minutes - longer if you like a stronger flavour

Make hooks from thin wire, by bending it into an s shape with pliers, then cutting it off the roll, or use paper clips.

Sprinkle coriander over top layer of strips, turn around, then sprinkle other side.

Hook each piece and hang in a dry, bug free environment that has ample fresh air circulating.

Let it air dry until the meat turns black.

The thicker the strips the longer the drying time.

The thin strips I use, dry to satisfaction within 2 days.

Enjoy !

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