Thursday, January 29, 2009

Before and After 2

In the before, the lawn must have been heavily fertilized and treated with herbicide. After we moved in I also turned on the sprinklers twice a week, but after spending $50 per month on water, I soon forgot about having a beautiful green lawn, instead, I believe its perfectly fine for the lawn to go dormant during the dry season. Once our wet season kicks in, you can hear that St. Augustine grass grow.

Whenever I loose a patch of grass to cinch bugs, I either make a new flower bed there, or plant a specimen tree there. In the after picture, you'll see a small mulched tree (yes with cypress and I won't do it again :) ), that spot started becoming bare as a result of cinch bug infestation, so I decided to plant this beautiful variegated guava tree there - a Christmas present from my "sister" Ronel who visited us from Minneapolis (can you blame her for escaping at least a part of winter) and wife. Yes, I used to love buying electronic gadgets etc. for birthdays and holidays, now I gladly accept a new tree or plant instead.

The kids playhouse, well that's another story, I personally went to Toys R Us, with our minivan, bought it, got someone to bring it to the curb, loaded all the boxes, drove it home, had to buy a wheelbarrow in order to move it to the backyard (just as well since I needed one). I took a week of vacation and spent 5 days building this thing. I'll post later how I stabilized it so my 9 year old daughter can still swing on it without it lifting up or swaying.

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