Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Plan

After my first summer of mowing the lawn, I realized I would have to cut down the size dramatically in order to make it at all possible to mow and maintain and irrigate.

After much deliberation and many hours walking the garden, I finally came up with the plan and started planting the "bones", i.e. largest trees followed by shrubs.

Here is the final plan with the trees and shrubs as numbered. The bones are done, now I am busy filling in the spaces between with perennials and mulch.

The large empty space behind the house is reserved for future use. We are hopeful that we might one day install a small pool in this area.

1. Fuyu Persimmon
2. Natal Plum - carissa macrocarpa
3. Dwarf cavendish bananas
4. Cocoplum
5. Cocoplum
6. Capulin Cherry -Prunus salicifolia
7. Sea grape - Coccoloba uvifera
8. grumichama - Eugenia brasiliensis
9. Duranta
10. Jujube
11. Lychee
12. Aloe Thraskii
- this is the newest addition, here's where I am making my rock garden with mostly aloes and other succulents I love.
13. Aloe Barberae
14. Loquat
15. Brown Turkey fig
16. Mango valancia pride
17. Pitomba - Eugenia luschnathiana
18. Avocado, choquette
19. Firebush - hamelia patens
20. Sugar Apple - Anonna squamosa
21. Surinam cherry - Eugenia uniflora
22. Surinam cherry - Eugenia uniflora
23. Australian brush cherry - Eugenia paniculata
24. Starfruit - Averrhoa carambola
25. Variagated guava
26. Persian Lime
27. grumichama - Eugenia brasiliensis
28. Longan - Dimocarpus longan
29. Mango lancetilla
30. Wonderful pomegranates
31. Pink hibiscus
32. Tibouchina grandiflora
33. Surinam cherry - Eugenia uniflora
34. Nerium Oleander
35. Surinam cherry - Eugenia uniflora
36. Natal Plum - carissa macrocarpa
37. Muscadine grape
38. Muscadine grape
39. Plumbago
40. Plumbago
41. Playset
42. Grape Trellis
43. Arbor with two muscadine vines
44. Aloe Barberae
45. Exercise pole
46. Christmas Palms
47. Traveller's Palm
48. Herb garden
49. Veggie garden


  1. Hello VR - found you via Blotanical. What a big project you have there. We too are working to transform our yard (the main part of the back is about 90' by 80') from a blank slate of grass to a little bit of heaven (with less mowing). It's a fun process, though sometimes I'm impatient. Good luck, VW

  2. Talk about impatient, sometimes I have sleepless nights working out what I'm going to do next. I drive my wife insane, she would ask me, "It's Saturday morning and its 7:30, why are you up." Unless you've experience Florida humidity and heat, you will understand why you want to be up and going by 8:00 am. What I've learned is that it takes patience and time. Good luck.

  3. Hi there, did you already buy your Natal Plums & Capulin Cherry?

    I am going insane trying to find those two plants which are also on my list. I tried Gardenweb, Dave's Garden, google searches, ebay...ugh! ☺ If you have a source and the time would you email me and let me know?

    My email is

    Thank you!