Monday, January 5, 2009

The clean slate

Here is a satelite picture from google maps showing my large "green desert" water-hogging pesticide requiring back breaking huge 1/3 acre backyard. I spent many sleepless nights the last 2 years, planning how to convert this odd-shaped lot into "garden rooms. Since I work long hours on my normal job, I didn't have too much time to devote, at the same time, I wanted to be environmentally friendly. Ok, you got me, I'm a wannabee tree-hugger in my spare time. I didn't want to add to the ear-deafening hum of lawn-mowers, so I opted for the neuton mower. Years of stress and not-working out left me overweight with high cholesterol and in dire need of change. Man meets lawn - after 1 year of manual labour mowing my own lawn with my little battery powered neuton, I managed to loose 20lbs and drop my cholesterol by almost 50 points from a staggering 320 to 270. So, if you've a little pouch around the waiste or a little cholesterol to get rid of, get off the couch, fire your lawn service, get yourself a neuton and get mowing. Not only can you talk to another person WHILE you are mowing, you will not be belching oil filled fumes to choke your whole neighbourhood, plus you can get out of bed early on a Saturday morning and mow the lawn without waking your neighbours (or wife). Since I bought my small 14inch neuton, they have released their larger 19 inch model - time for an upgrade when the budget allows.

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