Thursday, January 22, 2009

A gentle reminder by mother nature

The last two nights, I was gently reminded by mother nature that even Boynton Beach is not immune from freeze damage.

Last night the temperature dropped to 36 F.

I covered my jaboticaba with a blanket, luckily I did this after dark, otherwise my neighbours might have really thought I'm crazy. I carried a ladder outside, opened it wide enough to stand over the jaboticaba, then draped a blanket around and over the jaboticaba, securing it to the ladder. I also covered my prize variegated guava with large beach towels.

A quick survey today, revealed severe damage to all my Sanchezia's and Crossandra orange marmelade and my buttnernut squash. Some of my rooted cuttings of duranta cuban gold and shooting stars were also freeze burned. The sanchezias and crossandra will recover slowly, first all the burnt leaves will drop, then by late Feb they'll start sprouting new growth again. Historically the last day of frost (90% sure) for West Palm Beach is Feb 8th.

Luckily my new pumpkin, watermelon, melon and squash seedlings show no sign of damage. My other veggies, egg plant, beans also seem unscathed.

I hope my rooted cuttings recover also.

Luckily I carried all my new seedlings inside. These include feijoa, tamarind, persimmon, starfruit.


  1. Hi~
    Nice to find another Florida gardener! I'm watching and hoping the garden makes it through this cold weather. Hope all your plants survive.


  2. Hi,

    I surely hope this is the last freezing weather, I'm tired of bringing all my rare tropical fruit seedlings inside everynight, so is my wife !


  3. Hi - apart from the pumpkin I hadnt heard of any of these plants but I suspect that is because we garden in very different climates (I'm in the UK - very very cold at the moment). Interesting to read what other gardeners are dealing with though.

  4. Hi patientgardener,

    Until I moved to Florida, I had never heard of any of these also. Now that I live in the sub-tropics, I just can't get enough of these evergreen tropical plants. The range of plants we can grow here is astounding. It is also sad that almost every single one of my favorite temperate fruits don't grow here at all. If you asked me what my favourite fruit was 3 years ago, I woud have said a sweet tree ripened apricot, now I'm not sure, I would almost have to say, mango, but I can;t because I love lychee's as much, once the rest of my rare fruit start bearing, it all may change. I can't wait for my longan (lychee relative) to start fruiting. I see no flower panicles, so I guess its not ready yet, ah well, another year then.