Friday, January 30, 2009

Leaf mulch

I finally raked up the leaves from my neighbour's tree. I got a whole wheel barrow full (pressed down).

Here's the area I'm going to mulch, in the foreground is an area mulched with grass clippings from last summer. The little green plants are lemon grass divisions from the one clump I bought at my favourite tropical fruit tree nursery at $4. The green and yellow variegated plant at the back is Alpinia zerumbet, a very popular and beautiful ginger plant around here, also a division from an existing clump. I will be mulching the area behind the ginger.

Here's the area behind the ginger, mulched about 3 inches think. You can see that the wheel barrow full didn't cover a very large area, I still need about 5X as much to cover this entire bed. In the background, is one of my two Catura coffee plants grown from seed, they were also badly burned by our recent cold snap. It looks as if they're sprouting new growth so I think they'll be fine.


  1. I have used the leaves from our oak tree to mulch our azaleas as well as other shrubs for years. As they decompose they have enriched the soil without me having to do anything. Free mulch and soil improvement - who could ask for more.

    Always Growing

  2. This is funny only because I just posted about the task of raking leaves. I ended up filling a 96-gallon tote.