Friday, February 19, 2010

Aloe barberae - my favourite structural plant

If I had to make a choice about my most favourite ornamental plant at the moment, I would have to say it is this Aloe barberae.

I grew it form a bare-root 10 inch plant bought on e-bay. Its been in the ground just over 2 years.

In its natural habitat along the subtropical coastal forests in KwaZulu Natal South Africa, this can grow 15m tall (50 feet), making it the largest African Aloe.

Click here to learn more about Aloe barberae

Here's a close-up of the stem and bark.

Here's a majestic specimen at the Pretoria Zoo in South Africa - hopefully mine will not grow this big - or it will take a very long time and it will be someone else's problem by then.

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