Saturday, February 20, 2010

Myrtaceae - what a family

Upon closer inspection, you will understand my fascination with the Myrtaceous family of plants.

This varied family includes amongst others eucalyptus, clove, myrtle, and guava.

The reason for my fascination though is where beauty and usefulness meet, specifically fruits in this family. What also makes this family so fascinating to me is the peeling bark that is so prevalent in most of its members. Not only are these edible family members stunningly beautiful, but some of them bear the most delicious fruits on earth.

Here are a few pictures of family members I am growing in my yard:

Rumberry - Myrciara Floribunda only a few inches tall and peeling bark already visible

Cabelluda - Eugenia tomentosa only a few inches tall and showing peeling bark already

Guava - Psidium guajava most beautiful peeling bark

Jaboticaba - Myrciara cauliflora stunning bark and structure

Pitomba - Eugenia luschnathiana

Strawberry guava - Psidium littorale

Surinam cherry - Eugenia uniflora

Australian Brush Cherry - also known as Syzygium paniculatum, Eugenia paniculata, Eugenia myrtifolia

Grumichama - Eugenia brasiliensis

Blue grape - Myrciara vexator

Feijoa - Feijoa sellowiana

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