Sunday, February 28, 2010

My first attempt at mango grafting

Last summer I started growing a lot of mango seeds, about 10 plants.

This means they are now about 8-10 months old.

I took my first stab at cleft-grafting - I grafted some of my neighbor's hatcher mango and also one of my own lancetilla mango.

Here's a picture of the hatcher mango grafted onto a very strong growing lancetilla seedling. The rest of the grafts are on another neighbors seedlings, possibly glen or kent. Now its wait and see.


  1. Good luck! They look like they're coming along nicely!

  2. Thanks ! I hope the buds are not too far developed to work though. Only time will tell.

  3. Congratulations on the grafts! You had a 100% success rate? Very impressive. Mine withered and died...

  4. Thanks Chris, don't congratulate me yet ! I only did the grafts last weekend and it looks like I may have done it while its too cold, we've been having 40 and lower overnight temps for the last couple of weeks.

    Some of the scions look like they're shrivelling.

  5. Maybe you can take them indoors. How is cold temperature usually combated anyway? I never have that problem here.

  6. Its supposed to warm up this week, tonight will be (hopefully) the last 40 F night, tomorrow will be in the 50's then towards the end of the week, maybe we'll make it to normal, i.e. 60's overnight lows and around 78 for a high.

    I had my "babies" in the house for about 12 days in January and my wife wasn't very pleased with me. These included all kinds of subtropical fruit seedlings.