Friday, February 26, 2010

Garden services - love to hate them

I fired my first garden services because they were riding over and whacking my fruit trees, then I braved the Florida heat and humidity, bought my own mower and tools and started doing the mowing, edging, trimming myself. I kept this up for two seasons, last summer I finally gave up. Work hours and the un-bare able heat/humidity and less time to spend with family finally made me hire a new company.

Yesterday they came by for their two-weekly moving / edging task.

This morning on my daily walk through the garden, I couldn't help to notice the damage to my newly planted fairchild mango.

For no apparent reason, as there are no weeds near the stem, they whacked it badly.

It was flushing new growth and flowering. I really hope the damage doesn't make it drop its flowers or is severe enough to cause it to die altogether.

I already e-mailed the owner and gave him a piece of my mind!

grrrr !


  1. Oh no! This is terrible! I don't have a landscape service for this exact reason. They should replace the tree. Very discouraging, I'm sure!

  2. I received a mail from the owner offering to replace the tree.

    It looks like the little tree is recovering quite well, the wound has gummed over and it hasn't dropped the flowers, so if I can I'd like to keep it, if it doesn't do well, I'll take him up on his offer.

    Who knows how long the tree he replaces it with takes to fruit ?

  3. And even if he replaces it, you won't know how the fruit tastes until it you eat it.