Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Raccoons, rabbits, birds, insects, possums now squirrels

As if I haven't had enough trouble protecting the hard-earned fruits of my labour from raccoons, now something else started eating my half-ripe sugar apples, starfruit and papayas.

It soon became very clear, the squirrels have now also discovered my "garden of Eden".

Its very clear that I'm probably not going to get one ripe papaya from this tree.

I strongly suspect they are also to blame for my disappearing or half eaten starfruit. I laid rat traps, but something set them off and was obvious to large and could free themselves, or the rat traps were too large and maybe the culprits eating my starfruit were mice, so I bought mouse traps also - no luck either. So now I am strongly suspecting the squirrels are also eating my starfruit.

Maybe its time for a rat zapper, an electronic rat killer, supposedly kills squirrels (tree rats as they are affectionately known) too.

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