Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Banana pizza slice mulch

The other day, I harvested a bunch of bananas from my dwarf Cavendish plant, the trunk was left standing there.
I used a rechargeable hand saw to remove the whole trunk, I then roll the trunk while sawing, this results in pizza slices of banana trunk.

I use the slices to place around the existing banana patch, this serves as insulation, mulch and returns nutrients to the soil. In addition it also reduces the nematode population (small microscopic worms that penetrate plants roots and causes root knots and ultimately the decline and sometimes death of the plant).


  1. I'm doubtful I could get a tasty banana plant to grow here but this process is pretty cool for reusing the plant to replenish itself.

  2. Its a neat way to re-use the plant for its own nourishment.

    You may not be able to grow banana's up there, but then again, you can grow all the blueberries, raspberries etc. that I can't grow easily here.

  3. On a larger scale you could separate the stalks, split into narrower strips, and chop with a manual chaff cutter like at
    for mulch "chips"