Friday, February 6, 2009

Don't be discouraged to grow some trees from seed

This capulin cherry tree (Prunus saliscifolia) was grown from seed. It must be standing about 12 feet tall already. Its about 2 years old and flowered for the first time this winter. I'm not sure why, but not a single blossom matured into fruit. This was one of the earliest trees I planted. I made the mistake of planting it in the windy alley on the northern side of my house. The wind always gushes through this area, you can see the tree grew to one side and I'm trying to right it with a stake. I'm not sure why it dropped all the blossoms and some of the developing fruit. I've read it fruits in 3 years and this is its 2nd year, so maybe its just too young still ?

Nevertheless, the moral of this story is that some trees grow very fast from seed and some even fruit in under 3 years. If I had to buy all the shrubs and trees even in 1 gallon containers, I would not have been able to have the huge diverse variety I already have.

So, common, take a chance, buy or exchange some seeds and try something unusual.


  1. It's true, what you say about growing trees from seed. A friend of mine is seed-collector and tree-grower par excellence (and a nursery operator too), and I benefit from his largesse on a regular basis. In return, I bring him seeds of things and perennials I grow that he doesn't. I'm not so great at growing from seed because I travel so much for work purposes.

  2. To me the biggest challenge is to germinate the seeds, some take months. Very frequently I order seeds and loose the whole batch to rot. I've tried peat pellets, spagnum moss to no avail. Right now I have Blue Grape (Myrciaria Vexator), Borojoa Patinoi and Flacourtia Inermis seeds in baggies and I'm afraid I've lost them all - white mold is growing on all the seeds.

  3. I am a complete dork! I left you a message under another posting (older) about the source for your capulin I know, from seed! Tradewinds nursery was showing seeds available but when I went to order they showed them unavailable...I emailed them and they said they don't really have them at the moment.

    So, could I be the first in line to buy, swap, or rent some of your seeds when you get fruit?

    I am thinking the seeds issue (from your last comment on this thread) might not be you doing something wrong...perhaps you did not get good grape? yum! I wish I could grow it but all free areas of my tiny garden are spoken of luck growing them!

    My email in case you want to swap seeds -->