Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Preparing for the freeze

Tonight and tomorrow morning the temperature is going to drop below freezing. Most of my plants are sub-tropical in nature, but I do have a couple of tropical plants and some smaller sub-tropical plants that still need protection.

I stuck some top-soil bags together with masking tape and made a make-shift jacket for my 2 year old catura coffee plant that I have grown from seed and spent too much time and attention on to loose it in one night. I used dried palm fronds and dried sticks from my own garden for stakes.

I covered the other smaller coffee plant with old towels my wife provided.

I covered my small variegated guava with beach towels. The jaboticaba is supposedly hardy to 27 F. I am not taking chances and will be covering it with a blanket.

As for the rest, they'll be fine, the sanchezia's and crossandra will probably loose their remaining leaves, hopefully they won't freeze completely.

My pumpkin and squash seedlings have really taken off, I hope they survive tonight, I just didn't have enough material to cover everything. The rest should be fine.


  1. I feel so badly for ya'll. We are at 11 degrees tonight and the normal is about 40 here in NC. I hope all your preparing paid off. My best wishes for you. It's heart breaking to wonder all night if the plants make it. I hope so!

  2. Thanks Anna! My daughter got so excited, she put a glass of water outside, hoping it would freeze, I didn't share her enthusiasm though. It didn't freeze, so my hope is that it didn;t go down to 27 as they said it would. Last night was supposed to be the coldest night in 13 years here in South Florida ! Too early to say though, will have to wait until it warms up then remove all the towels etc. and by tomorrow I'll probably know the verdict.