Monday, February 9, 2009

Ode to duct tape

I've discovered that when folded double, duct tape creates a very strong durable tape that can be used for many things in the garden. I've used it to secure grape vines to the trellis, but by far I use it most often to stake small trees / shrubs. I don't like placing the stake too close to the stem or even root ball, this makes it necessary to have a strong stake and strong tape that can withstand enough stress without breaking. For larger trees, like my star fruit tree which was leaning one way due to the ever present ocean breeze, I placed 3 stakes in a triangle and used my duct tape "tape" to secure the tree from three sides. Within 6 months, the tree has grown strong enough for me to remove all the tape. Its still leaning a little in the direction of the ocean breeze but the trunk is large enough and root system well developed enough that I no longer have to support it. In this picture, I've staked my little choquette avocado tree with duct tape away from the direction is was leaning. Whats nice about this way of staking is that the trunk never grows too large so that the tape grows into the trunk or the tape
damages the trunk.

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