Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Protect young trunks from being girdled

I spotted some white tailed rabbits in my garden on many occasions. I never thought any of it, until every little shrub or plant I planted got chewed off right to the ground. One day, while doing my daily rounds, I discovered my Persian lime tree had been gnawed. Luckily it was a small wound just on the one side. I quickly did an Internet search and discovered there are many products that can be bought, most at a pretty sum. I've never seen anything at my local garden centers, and I didn't want to spent a couple hundred dollars to buy and ship some of these products. (I had ten new trees to protect).

I remember buying a roll of chicken wire the year before for some other project. I measured around the lime tree and cut a long strip of chicken wire with wire cutters. I then placed it around the trunk and secured the ends together with the cut ends by winding them around each other, I bent the top of the chicken wire "jacket" in towards the middle from both sides, leaving enough space around the trunk, yet giving a snug fit. When viewed from a distance, the wire is invisible, you only see it when you move close up. To me is doesn't distract from the overall landscape appeal. Some friends have asked me why I put the wire around the trees (only after walking up) and I explain its due to the rabbits girdling my trees.

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