Friday, February 20, 2009

Ruellia brittonia purple showers - tough as nails

These Ruellia Brittonia cuttings are ready to plant. They're tough as nails. These are cuttings from the "Florida Friendly" labeled plants at Home Depot (I even re-used the original Florida Friendly containers). These plants are so easy to propagate, just take a cutting of a vigorous growing tip, dip it in rooting hormone, place in any soil, keep moderately moist / wet, and in a few weeks, they'll sprout roots, when you see roots growing out the bottom holes, you can plant them. This particular one in sterile and non-invasive. I can attest to that. Not only are they extremely tough, drought tolerant, they are absolutely stunning. They never stop flowering, producing those stunning purple trumpet flowers all year long. They do tend to get leggy over time, I just cut them down to about 3 feet and they grow back in no time. Left to their own device, they do clump like day lillies but definitely not like the cleodendrum (starburst) plant that is trying its best to consume my center flower bed. My neighbours cleodendrum puts out shoots 30 - 40 feet away from the mother plant - all over my lawn ! I was brave (or stupid) enough, to take one of those and planted it in my center flowerbed - granted it is a stunning plant and in one year has grown into a bush about 12 feet tall by 12 feet wide - but, I constantly have to pull up little ones all over the place, even right next to the trunk of my avocado tree !

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